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We provide the essential tools to help you maximize your results.
Balance Nutrition & Exercise

This website has made the path to a balanced diet very easy. Visit Today's Summary, every day to send Nutrition, Supplement, and Fitness details to your Counselor.

  • Plan every meal and snack
  • Manage a supplement schedule
  • Track your exercise routine
Plan Your Meals

What are you going to eat today? How about tomorrow or next week? Cenegenics® Living Online makes it easy to plan every meal and even create grocery lists.

  • Search through hundreds of recipes
  • Create a list of favorites
  • Generate and print a grocery list
Easily Communicate

Your Cenegenics® Counselors are key pieces to a successful Wellness Plan. We are eager to answer your questions and hear your feedback.

  • Write Daily Diary entries
  • Email your Counselor
  • Provide feedback about your experience